Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT)

As we strive to improve our endodontic practice and to take better care of our patients, we have purchased the Kodak 9000 3D extraoral imaging system. This unit captures high quality images and allows our practice to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments in the office. It helps reduce multiple visits and rescheduling, saving our patients time and money. Three dimensional technology allows Dr. Roth to better visualize our patients' dentition without having to send our patients for additional radiology scans. With this technology we are able to view anatomical detail at an unprecedented level. This helps us diagnose with greater accuracy and provides more predictable outcomes for any of our root canal or endodontic procedures.

This unit provides us with four separate three dimensional x-ray images. This machine takes images with a volume of 39 x 50 mm (1.5" x 2"). The transaxial image allows us to rotate the volume 360 degrees along any axis. The axial x-ray allows us to look from the crown of the tooth all the way down to the tip of the root, layer by layer. The coronal picture lets us view all of the teeth in the volume from front to back by using computerized slow rotation. The saggital x-ray is the image of a full tooth that is never seen with a standard x-ray. The saggital x-ray shows the tooth from the side of the tooth as opposed to the front of the tooth. It is extremeley valuable diagnostically for this reason.

Becuase the 8100 system focuses only on the area in need of diagnosis, the amount of radiation is significantly reduced, delivering less exposure than other dental radiography systems. Comfortable patient positioning and wheelchair accessibility make the unit patient-friendly.

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